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Intex Seahawk 2 Inflatable Boat Set, 2 Person, 240KG payload, #68347

Intex Seahawk 2 Inflatable Boat Set, 2 Person, 240KG payload, #68347

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Intex Seahawk 2 Inflatable Boat Set, 2 Person, 240KG payload,#68347

Product description

Intex inflatable Seahawk 2 boat. 
Dimensions inflated: 236x114x41 cm
Dimensions deflated: 42x18x55 cm
supports a maximum weight of: 240 kg.
capacity for 2 person.
Whether you’re fishing, relaxing, or rowing on the lake, the Seahawk 2 inflatable boat is great for making your boating experience exciting and entertaining. Designed with heavy duty, puncture resistant PVC for comfort and durability, and an inflatable I-beam floor for rigidity, the boat contains three air chambers including an inner auxiliary chamber inside the main hull for extra safety. Inflating or deflating is a breeze with two quick-fill Boston valves. Fishing and relaxing have never been easier with the two built-in fishing rod holders and gear pouch. Motor mount fittings are included for the flexibility of adding the Intex motor bracket and trolling motor. A grab handle on the bow and an all-around grab line are provided for your convenience, as well as welded oar locks, oar holders and a repair patch kit. The Seahawk 2 Boat Set provides added accessories including: two 48 inch French oars and an Intex high-output pump for easy inflation and deflation. Product in Inches (L x W x H): 93 x 45 x 16. Maximum Weight Capacity: 520 lbs. Includes: High-output hand pump. Two 48 inch French oars. Heavy-duty grab handles. All-around grab line. Two pairs of welded oar locks. Oar holders on each side. Inflatable floor. Motor mount fittings. Gear Pouch. Quick-fill Boston valves. Repair patch kit. Three air chambers including an inner auxiliary chamber inside the main hull. Two fishing rod holders. U.S. Coast Guard I.D. - NMMA Certified
With Intex Seahawk 2 Inflatable Boat you can enjoy your activities without complications. If you like the brand Intex and their nautical and fishing products, visit the categories of the nautical and fishing products that you are looking for and place your order as soon as possible and receive it in a few days. Our aim at Livenupsolutions is to make high-quality products accessible to all with an efficient worldwide delivery service


INTEX Boats are sustainable manufactured products in terms of durability and in terms of recycling.

They are made of PVC and PVC Tarpaulin, the Materials are easy to recycle after many years of enjoying them!

Shipping & Returns

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Care Instructions

Care and Maintenance
Always refer to the owners Manual from Intex!
The Boat is made of the highest quality materials and complies with ISO 6185 standards.
Altering the construction of the boat will endanger your own safety, safety of the occupants
and void the limited warranty!
There is very little that you have to do to keep your boat in good condition for many years.
Do not store your boat inflated. If you store it in a closet, basement or garage, we suggest
you pick a cool, dry place, making sure the boat is clean and dry before you store it - or
mold can accumulate.
Use as few cleaning agents as possible, do not discharge waste agents into water, and clean
your boat preferably on land.
Clean your boat after a trip to prevent damage from sand, salt water or sun exposure.
Most dirt can be removed with a garden hose, a sponge and mild soap. Make sure the boat
is completely dry before storing. Store the product and accessories in a dry, temperature
controlled, between 32 degrees Fahrenheit (0 degrees Celsius) and 104 degrees Fahrenheit
(40 degrees Celsius) storage location.

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