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Intex Krystal Clear™ Saltwater Pool Chlorine System QS400 - 3,000 Gal/h (11,356 l/h) 220Volt #26664

Intex Krystal Clear™ Saltwater Pool Chlorine System QS400 - 3,000 Gal/h (11,356 l/h) 220Volt #26664

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Intex Krystal Clear™ Saltwater Pool Chlorine System - 3,000 Gal/h (11,356l/h) 220Volt #26664

Enjoy the same process used in many resorts and in-ground swimming pools to keep your pool sparkling clear with less maintenance. Requires a pump with a flow rate between 300 and 1,000 gph.

  • Keeps Water Sparkling Clear!
    • Kills Bacteria
    • Convenient - Just Add Salt!
    • Reduces Chemical Use
    • Inexpensive to Maintain
  • For above ground pools up to 3,000 gallons
  • Suitable for smaller size pools
  • Small and sleek design
  • Control panel with display and easy access buttons
  • 3 self-clean modes available, 6 ⁄ 10 ⁄ 14-hr cycles
  • 220V with GFCI
  • Requires filter pump flow rate of 300 ) - 1,000 gph  (1135l/h - 3785l/h) (pump sold separately)
  • Chlorine output: 4 g⁄hr
  • 24 hr. auto-clock cycle
  • Also compatible with non-Intex filter pumps 

    Suitable for:
    Easy Set® Round Pool
    Prism Frame™ Round Pool

    Prism Frame™ Rectangular Pool



    INTEX Filtration Systems are sustainable manufactured products in terms of durability and in terms of recycling.

    They are made of Galvanized Steel and copper components and PVC, the Materials are easy to recycle after many years of enjoying them!

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    Care Instructions

    The Filter Sand needs to be backwashed on regular basis (dependend on debris entry, min. 1 times per week ). Just switch of the filter pump, switch the 6 way valve onto "Backwash", switch on the pump and allow the water to flush the sand until it gets clean. switch off the pump and put the valve onto "Rinse". Switch on the pump and allow the water to rinse and level the surface of the sand until the water gets Krystal clear. Switch of the pump, put your valve back onto Filtration mode. Switch on the pump. INTEX recommend to replace the Filter sand every 5 Years to ensure best cleaning results.

    Please always read and follow the instructions in the Owners Manual Book.

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