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Intex Cartridge Filter Pump 530 gal/h (2006l/h) 220Volt #28604

Intex Cartridge Filter Pump 530 gal/h (2006l/h) 220Volt #28604

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Crystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump 530 gal/h (2006l/h) 220Volt #28604, incl. 1 Filter cartridge (Size A), connecting hoses 32mm, In-and outlet strainer and aeration valve.

Suitable for:

Easy Set® Pool
12'/13'/15' (3.66m/3.96m/4.57m)
Prism Frame™ Round Pool
10' (3,05m); 12' (3.66m)
Prism Frame™ Rectangular Pool
9'10"/13'1½" (3.00m/4.00m)



INTEX Filtration Systems are sustainable manufactured products in terms of durability and in terms of recycling.

They are made of Galvanized Steel and copper components and PVC, the Materials are easy to recycle after many years of enjoying them!

Shipping & Returns

Kindly refer to our shipping and Returns policies for detailed information.

Care Instructions

The Filter Cartridge needs to be cleaned on regular basis (dependend on debris entry, min. 2 weeks). Just rinse the cartridge under fluent water, additional can be used a brush. INTEX recommend to replace the Filter every 4 weeks to ensure best cleaning results.

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